X Ware Potatoes

We always have ware potatoes of different varieties for sale. They can be delivered in different gradings and packagings.

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X Ware Potatoes

We always have ware potatoes of different varieties for sale. They can be delivered in different gradings and packagings.

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The Company

Jens und Carsten Mohr GmbH & Co. KG is a family business with over 20 years’ experience in growing seed-potatoes. We farm over 800 hectares of our own land and leased fields in the marsh soil of the North Sea coastal region of Schleswig-Holstein.

Top quality soil, carefully-selected basic seed potatoes, the latest technology and constant quality controls are the success factors behind our production. In this manner, we are able to ensure that only top-quality products are delivered to our clients.

With our partner companies, we produce over 16,000 tonnes of potatoes a year for our customers in Germany, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

1989 1996 2005 2013


1989Jens and Carsten Mohr exported their seed potatoes to international markets for the first time.

1989the two cousins merged their businesses to form a successful company: Jens and Carsten Mohr GmbH & Co. KG.

1989their potato farm was awarded a Global GAP certificate, which the company has maintained until today.

1989Jens and Carsten Mohr GmbH & Co. KG founded the brand name “Mohr Seed Potatoes”, thus expanding their presence on international markets.

Partner companies

Our 11 partners are responsible for approximately 40 per cent of the overall production. Their farms are located very close to our plantations (maximum 50 km away). The produce is all grown on fertile coastal marsh soil. In addition, our partners possess top-class technical equipment and have many years’ experience of potato-growing. Thanks to equal farming conditions and shared quality standards, we are able to provide homogenous, high-quality products.



Very well-known medium early ware variety. Good heat and drought resistance. High to very yields in different climate zones.


Robust, medium early ware variety with very good disease resistance. High yielding and very uniform.


Cooking type B ware potato variety with suitability for the production of French Fries. Medium early to late maturity, light yellow flesh colour, oval tubershape with shallow eyes, good yielder.


Medium late ware variety. Very high yields, very big yellow tubers with smooth skin and shallow eyes. Suitability for the production of French Fries.

Big Rossa

Medium early ware variety with red skin. High yields, very big oval tubers with shallow eyes and smooth skin. Good level of resistance against many diseases.

Lady Rosetta

Wide spread medium earl crisping variety for different climate zones with high dry matter and excellent processing quality. Can be processed immediately after harvest or after short-term storage.


Medium early crisping variety with high dry matter and very good processing quality. Suitable for cultivation in many climate zones and for long-term storage.


Cooking type A variety with deep yellow flesh colour and excellent taste. Medium early maturity, high yields and good storability.


Early cooking type A ware variety with logoval tubers and deep yellow flesh colour. Excellent taste.



Our cultivated areas are located at maximum 10 km from the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein, in the marsh regions of Dithmarschen and North Friesland. This area presents healthy conditions for potato-growing. Thanks to the cool North Sea climate, its dominant westerly winds, and medium-heavy soils, it is one of the best potato-growing regions in Europe. Moreover, it is located a mere 120 km away from the Port of Hamburg, so we can deliver fresh products across the globe very quickly.


The soil in the region is marsh or clay soil, formed over thousands of years by means of tidal deposits. It is deep, free of stones and fertile. This land has been used for farming for over 1,000 years, but some areas were only dyked 40 years ago and transformed into farmland at that time. In addition to potato-growing, the region is also a very good location to grow vegetables, especially carrots and both red and white cabbage.


The mild winters and summers in the region, as well as sufficient waterfall throughout the year ensure an even production of potatoes. Peak temperatures seldom reach over 25°C and precipitations total approx. 800 mm a year, steadily distributed over the entire period.


Basic seed potatoes

Our basic seed potatoes come from selected companies in the Netherlands and Scotland. When we purchase them, we carefully check that only top-quality products are used to grow our produce. We are currently developing our own production for in vitro plants, mini-tubers and pre-basic seed potatoes.


We grow our seed potatoes in the marsh soils along the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein, one of the best cultivation regions of Europe. Our crop rotations of winter wheat, winter barley and winter rape are grown on over 800 hectares of our own land and leased land, and our potatoes are only cultivated in those same fields every 4 to 5 years. Our partner companies also have many years’ experience of potato-growing and apply top quality standards.

Technical equipment

Our companies always possess the latest technology. This is how we are able to grow our produce both carefully and yet successfully. When planting the seeds, we already use the necessary plant protection products. During the vegetation season, trained specialists monitor the stocks and implement early intervention measures to ensure the good health of the potatoes. When harvesting, we use high-performance potato harvesters, thus guaranteeing that the seed potatoes are handled carefully. Finally, thanks to the fact that the marsh soils in which we grow our produce are completely free of stones, we are able to harvest top-class goods that are suitable for storage.


Following the harvest, the potatoes are cleaned in a soil remover. On the sorting belt, we then remove foreign objects and damaged potatoes by hand. By doing so, we ensure that only healthy potatoes reach the warehouse. The potatoes are stored in our ventilated and air-conditioned storehouses, in piles or crates in which each level is kept at the ideal temperature, so that the tubers maintain the right germination capacity and power.

Quality control

Constant quality controls are undertaken by our own staff in addition to the controls performed by the competent authorities, thus ensuring that every step in the production process is in line with national and international standards. In this manner, we can guarantee that only top-quality produce makes it to our clients’ tables.


We firmly believe that our products must respect German and international standards. Since 2005, our company has been awarded Global GAP certification. The seed potatoes are also regularly certified in accordance with the German seed potato regulation, which takes into consideration the import rules of the countries we export our products to. In addition, we follow the rules issued by RUCIP and EUROPATAT in terms of standards and processes.


Customer support

Dr. Hans Kaack Langues
Tel +49 (0)173 370 2936


Our seed potatoes are packed in protective packaging with the help of modern machinery for shipping. In addition to the standard sorting (35/50 and 35/55 mm), we offer premium grades, such as 25/40 and 40/55 mm or 35/45 and 45/55. Once again, when calibrating the product, we ensure that careful quality controls take place, eliminating the potatoes that do not fulfil the standard requirements at this stage at the very latest. To palletise the products, we use a machine that encloses the pile of sacks in a net.


Within Europe, our products are transported via lorry. When shipping overseas, our products are transported in reefer containers via the Port of Hamburg (Germany), which serves all important markets directly.


Of course, all deliveries are made with the required documentation.


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